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Take three capsules twice daily (six capsules per day total). For best results, use for ten consecutive days, then follow-up with Suprabiotic.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not use this product if you have a family history of liver, kidney or prostate disease or endocrine conditions. This product should be used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. If you have any other medical condition or are taking prescription drugs, consult with your physician before using this product.



Potent antibacterial, tailored for the gut

Quorum Sensing: Detects and responds to an increase in bacteria growth and density

Anti-Virulent: Inhibits the production of molecules that aid in colonization of host by pathogenic bacteria

Synergistic with other natural anti-bacterial compounds

Effective over a wide range of bacterial strains




Very potent and effective against a wide array of bacteria

Disrupts bacterial membrane structure and function, basically making their insides fall out

Renders the bacteria vulnerable to other antibiotics, for a synergistic effect



Similar antibacterial potency as Tyrosol

Inhibits formation of biofilm, the protective shelter required for bacterial growth and survival

Disrupts bacterial cytokinesis, the process by which bacteria reproduce



Extremely potent, with efficacy specific to the gut due to pharmacokinetics

Effective on wide range of bacteria

Stimulates the body’s natural host defense reactions

Eliminates bacterial breakdown products that would otherwise promote virulence



Complementary and synergistic with the other anti-bacterials

Interferes with several processes of bacterial growth and colonization

Inhibits formation of biofilm, the protective shelter required for bacterial growth and survival

Quorum Sensing: Detects and responds to an increase bacteria growth and density

Anti-Virulent: Inhibits the production of molecules that aid in colonization of host by pathogenic bacteria

Decreases minimum inhibitory concentrations of other anti-bacterials by 2 to 8-fold


All in all, Shock Therapy™ gives you 5 highly effective natural anti-bacterials, working synergistically through nearly every mechanism possible. Invasive, enemy combatant bacteria do not have a chance.


But, just as antibiotics do not get rid of an infection on the first day, they won’t destroy the bad bacteria in your gut immediately. Not to worry, the key ingredients in Shock Therapy™ provide immediate relief and begin healing the gut while the anti-bacterials are getting your renegade microbiota under control.


Immediate Action:


Adaptogen: Regularizes bodily functions, relieves ailments resulting from physiological stress, and creates balance and homeostasis

Potent, widespread anti-inflammatory

Specifically blocks LPS-induced inflammatory pathways






Inhibits the all-important LPS


Directly inhibits Toll-like Receptor-4, which links LPS inflammation with reduced insulin and leptin sensitivity


Potent at PPAR-alpha and AMPK comparable to pharmaceutical fibrates, counteracting LPS



Super potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Suppresses inflammatory prostaglandin PGE(2) biosynthesis better than prescription NSAID indomethacin

Inhibits inflammatory 5-lipoxygenase end product formation comparably to the research standard 5-LO inhibitor zileuton.

Suppressed inflammatory COX-1 end product, 12(S)-hydroxyheptadecatrienoic acid, formation with 3-fold more potency than aspirin, while being 18-fold more potent on 5-LO

100 times more potent antioxidant activity than N-acetyl cysteine


Anti-inflammatory action through AMPK  

400 times as potent at AMPK as metformin, a Type-2 diabetes medication with the well-known side-effect of fat loss

Protects against LPS-induced inflammation and tissue injury

It reduces the levels of Toll-like Receptor-4 (the insulin and leptin sensitivity killer)

• Promotes a Lean Body 

• Supports Digestive Health 

• Reduces Inflammation 

• Enhances Wellbeing 

There are trillions of bacteria, living and breeding inside your body, right now. You need some of them to survive, but many of them hate you. For most people, due to genetics and/or diet, the evil ones have gotten the upper hand, attacking you with not only fat gain, but whole body inflammation accompanied by damage to insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular and digestive health, the immune system, and even your skin and brain. Shock Treatment™ combines 5 potent, natural antibiotics to seek out and destroy them, freeing the kingdom of your gut to be repopulated with loyal, benevolent bacterial citizens.

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