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If you are looking for the strongest and most potent pre-workout in the sports nutrition industry, Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme is it. This is not a pre-workout supplement for beginners. Where others have failed, Dust Extreme has done it. This pre-workout supplement is only recommended for those that have a very high tolerance for caffeine, but known as stimu junkies. If that is you...then this product is for you!

Benefits & Results

•Razor Sharp Focus

•Shredded Vascularity & Muscle Pumps

•Explosive Power

•Increased Strength & Endruance

•Instant Energy Release

•Improved Athletic Performance

What to Expect from Dust Extreme?

While this is a pre-workout, and the energy is going to hit you like a train. This product also shines beyond others in many ways. With the advanced stimulants, you are not only going to get that energy rush, but the focus is going to be razor sharp. You will train like nothing you have experienced before. No other pre-workout will give you the mental focus and clarity that this product does. Along with that, the pumps and vascularity will astound you. You have never felt muscle pumps like you will with Dust Extreme. And forget about crashing. This product will give you the power and energy you need when you need it...during your workout, with no crash afterwards, like other pre-workouts on the market today.

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