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Carrie Rapp gave one of the most enlightening interviews you may ever see at the 2014 Olympia Expo.

She talks about her 5 year journey from 310 pounds to the competition stage. Carrie openly discusses the effects of lowering body fat to 5% for competition. Tammi Bradford opens the door for Carrie to discuss the self image issues associated with off season fluff. And, they discuss the secret to healthy cheat meals. Rob Sims captured this MUST SEE interview.

Growing up I had many sources of motivation, one of the earliest was when I first saw Cory Everson.  She guest starred with her sister in a couple episodes of the short lived(but hilarious)  early 90's FOX show, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.  That was the first time I'd ever seen someone like her!  So powerful and beautiful in her role as a blacksmith.  Her character seemed so confident and powerful, and yet kind and funny.  I loved it. 
That being one of my first inspirations, I have an athletic background and played basketball, volleyball and ran in track when I was younger.  I was always very active growing up, but when I went to college, I realized after gaining the Freshman 15 times about 4, that I had NO idea how to really eat well(or maybe too well!)  I attended a bodybuilding show that my college held in the spring, and LOVED the physiques onstage and thought....This is something that I want to  do! I trained and prepped for the following year and after stepping onstage, after all the dieting, training, cardio...I knew inside that this was something I not only wanted to do, but I KNOW I could do.  So much to learn, and I'd only scratched the surface.  But then life happened....
I gained all the weight back that I'd lost, and then some.  I was a mess, and like many people, just needed to get back on the proverbial "fitwagon".  I wanted to really do it right, to be an inspiration for people of all ages and levels of fitness and physical conditions. I knew it would be a lifetime journey, and that I'd never stop learning, but that was part of what attracted me. I then made a decision to commit to learning about how to take better care of myself, and I use shows to help keep me focused and motivated.
Building on that, what also motivates me and continues to motivate me is the journey of improvement and learning.  Learning about myself, training, diet and how all of it fits and works together, as well as hearing about how it inspires others to live healthier lives, no matter what sport or activity they choose to be involved in.  It takes all kinds! :)

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