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HOW TO USE IT: Open the packaging, remove the silicone tip from the mouthpiece and inhale from that end. There is no button or anything else you need to do. When it runs out, throw it away.

1 serving is 5-10 normal size breaths. Use as desired.


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BioVape Vitamin B12 for Energy

All Natural, Vegan-Friendly Bioavailable Vitamin B12 Inhalable Aromatherapy

Great Taste, No Calories, Nicotine Free

 Citrus Flavor, About 28 Servings, 1 Pen


 BioVape Breathable Vitamins utilize a revolutionary new delivery system that allows for maximum new bioavailability and absorption of your vitamins through aromatherapy rather than ingestion. Fact is, we don’t absorb everything we ingest, but breathing in your vitamins allows for fast delivery to the bloodstream. 


BioVape’s Vitamin B12 is an extremely potent source of Vegan Vitamin B12. Due to the unique delivery method of aromatherapy, this aromatherapy supplement allows for less supplement to be used to get the same desired effect. 


 1 Serving of BioVape B12 contains 8,333% of the percent daily value of Vitamin B12. One serving is 5-10 normal sized breaths, and each vape pen contains about 28 servings. 


 With high-quality R&D, BioVape features an incredible tasting Citrus Flavor. Enjoy the taste of your aromatherapy vitamins daily! 


 BioVape B12 is perfect for vegans who need to supplement Vitamin B12 into their diet due to a lack of meat. BioVape contains absolutely no nicotine, no caffeine, and has no calories. 

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